Dear Voter,

My education, experience and customer service skills uniquely qualify me to represent the citizens of Marion County as a Commissioner.  I listen to citizens, thoroughly research and carefully weigh decisions.

I will work to keep our community safe, vibrant and prepared for the future.  This includes enhancing transportation, including roads and transit, enhancing clean air and water, supporting business, including agri-business, and family wage job development, and working to increase affordable housing, reduce homelessness, provide better healthcare and drug addiction treatment.

My familiarity with Marion County government will help me address the issues through programs in our Health and Human Services, Public Works, and Juvenile Departments, and the Sheriff’s, District Attorney’s and Community Services Offices.

Marion County partners with the twenty cities in our county, other local districts and with non-profits and other organizations.  The County also partners with the State of Oregon, the federal government and citizen’s advisory committees to develop and provide services effectively and efficiently.

Thank you for your vote,

Bill Burgess
Marion County Clerk


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