About Bill

Bill Burgess

Occupation:  Marion County Clerk

Occupational Background:  Pharmacist; pharmacy manager; construction; electrical work; food service management; juvenile home work; farm work

Educational Background:  Oregon State University, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy;  Lewis and Clark College, Master of Public Administration.

Governmental Experience:  Marion County Clerk, 2005 to present, Salem City Council 1990-1998, Council President 1998.

Distinctive Education & Experience:  Election Center and Auburn University, Elections/Registration Administrator Certificate;

Oregon Association of County Clerks’ Certified County Clerk based on experience and continuing education;

International Association of Government Officials (iGO), Oregon Delegation Director;

Oregon Association of Counties, Oregon Association of County Clerks Representative, on the Board of Directors, Governance Steering Committee and Legislative Committee;

Addressed U.S. President’s Commission on Election Administration; Joint Election Officials’ Legislative Conference; Congressional Senate and House Majority and Minority Counsel; and U.S. Deputy Postmaster for Governmental Affairs on vote-by-mail matters to preserve and improve voting integrity.


Recent Accomplishments

Elected County Clerk 3 times, 2004, 2008, 2012.

Election Center CERA graduate 2013 Certified Elections/Registration Administrator w CEU from Auburn University

Obtained status of Certified County Clerk (CCC) by Oregon Association of County Clerks 2013 based on experience and continuing education.

Board member of the National Association of County Recorders, election administrators and Clerks

Oregon Association of County Clerk representative to Oregon Association of Counties, serving on the governance steering committee, legislative committee and the Board of Directors.

Digitized 1.5 million microfilm images of land records for easy access and review. (Back-scan project). Much more microfilm and paper to digital back scanning to be done.

Updated vote tally system.  Will update again for November Presidential Election

Implementing electronic acceptance and recording of land records (deeds, mortgages, liens and others) for speedier and more efficient processing.

Initiated and expanded 24/7 secure ballot drop sites in Keizer, Salem, Woodburn, and Silverton. Added indoor and “park and drop” ballot drop sites for voter convenience and to reduce congestion.

Spoke with the President’s Commission on Election Administration, the Joint Election Officials Legislative Conference, Congressional House and Senate majority and minority counsel, and with the US Deputy Postmaster for Governmental Affairs on vote-by-mail issues to preserve and improve voting.

Continue to make it easy to vote and to accurately count and report results.

Efficiency, Accuracy, Great Customer Service.